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Meet the Chef


My interest in food and various cooking techniques started at an early age when I went camping with a friend who made peach cobbler in a dutch oven. The fact that something so delicious, and smelled so incredible, could be cooked outside over an open flame, a technique I had never seen before, amazed me. I wanted to know more...

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When I got older, my fascination with food evolved into working both the front and back of the house in a variety of restaurants throughout the Southeast. My favorite was an Italian-themed restaurant that had this amazing pizza dough, and they sautéed their pasta in an open kitchen. I remember the desserts were to die for, and they did these incredible plate presentations. Following that, I got an opportunity to work in Hawaii and then travel the world, learning and tasting different flavors of food, while working in the shipping industry. I eventually moved to Australia and was so inspired by their passion for food, their use of the best ingredients to make an extraordinary product, and their drive to be great by combining a high work ethic and learned ability, that I decided to enroll in culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu. 

Culinary school was enlightening: getting to learn the BEST techniques, the reasons WHY, the SCIENCE of it all . . . the whole experience was priceless.

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In 2013, I took an early retirement from the shipping industry and was able to devote more time to cooking and experimenting with regional cuisines. I continued to acquire new skills using local ingredients from Texas and then the Northeast. Wherever I would go, if I saw a technique that interested me, I would set out to learn about it. I am drawn to the science and creativity of cooking, and I love experimenting with flavors. When I taste something spectacular, it's like an out-of-body experience - a euphoria that takes me on a journey.

And when I come up with something new, it feels like a light bulb moment. The experimentation + the positive result = the validation

When we moved to Las Vegas a few years ago, I was intrigued by the diverse culture and availability of ingredients and products from around the world. But what I also found was a large population of people working in the medical and hospitality fields who were too busy taking care of everyone else to prepare really good meals for themselves or their families. And with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need just seemed to increase.

Because of this, and through encouragement from friends and industry professionals, the vision of The Good Food Company (TGFC) was created.

To create food that is exciting and diverse, infused with rich and bold flavors, made fresh and delivered right to you . . . that's what Good Food is all about.

Chef Wadsworth

Chef Wadsworth Jarrell

The Good Food Company


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